Genna Alexopoulos: Running her own show

Genna Alexopoulos is the founder and lead publicist at boutique agency Super DuperShe’s got a rich history in the music industry, starting out running FReeZA shows in her hometown before working at the likes of Shock Records, Vivid Live and the iconic Big Day Out.

In late 2013 after a terribly timed redundancy, Genna took the plunge and started her own company. This episode explores her industry journey, dives into the experience of moving between cities and how she built Super Duper from the ground up.

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Georgia of Camp Cope – one of Genna’s PR clients.

A Playlist Curated By Genna:

Skeggs – Spring Has Sprung

I started working with Skeggs in 2016, they’re signed to Ratbag Records which is Dune Rats‘ label. We were contacted by their team to look after the label and the bands on it. Sometimes there’s really special bands who come through that I want to work with forever, and Skeggs is one of them. They’re just 3 dudes who just drink tins and hang out. They’re from New South Wales and are just the nicest, most level headed, calm, friendly, chill dudes I’ve met in my life. I really love their music. Some people can write it off as ‘mini Dune Rats’ or whatever which I think is just a lazy comparison. Half the media we service to just think that they’re stoners because they’re signed to Dune Rats’ label and they’re not at all. So it’s always funny. But, this song is the summeriest song you’ll ever hear.

Bloods – Bring My Walls Down

They very awesomely hit us up to do press for them – which I always think is a really amazing thing to hear from people that work in music. Sweetie is a really good friend of mine and she’s a publicist as well. And she does PR for like, Grimes and Kurt Vile and all these really amazing, incredible artists. So when she hit us up I was like ‘really, are you sure? You think we’re good?‘ They are the best – it’s nice seeing mates do cool things.

Camp Cope – Keep Growing

For me, one of the things that stands out the most about Camp Cope is that they put their money where their mouth is. They believe in things and they don’t let up. They will tell anyone to ‘fuck off’ if that needs to happen, and I really, really respect that because I feel like a lot of bands are afraid of losing coverage, or afraid of losing airplay – so they don’t stick to their guns. They also started the It Takes One campaign – they identified a problem that was happening at shows: people constantly being physically and sexually assaulted, intimidated and just people having no respect for other people’s space. So they brought all these bands together, started this great campaign and are talking about it.

Brendan Welch – Something Like Love

I worked out of a shared studio space in the city and I just walked in one day, and the girl who sat next to me was playing this song and making a video for it. I was just sitting there, trying to work before I was like ‘what are you listening to? I’ve never heard anything like it before’- turns out it’s her friend’s brother. I started researching him, got his album, found his old album which was out a few years ago – it was The Age’s number one record, feature album on Triple R, all this amazing stuff. He’s the number one artist I want to work with at the moment. He’s so special, he’s just got such a beautiful voice and he’s quite underplayed, I think. I went and saw him at The Toff a couple of months ago and he was stunning.

TV On The Radio – Careful You

I recently decided they’re my favourite band of all time. This is very exciting for me. It’s taken me a long time to get to this point. I got to work with them at Vivid Live last year, it was the last shows, and they played in the concert hall which is my favourite venue. It was just such a magical time – standing in the aisles watching my favourite band play in my favourite venue.

Later I told them I thought they were really punk and I got high fived. It was so sick. He was like, “you’re part of our crew now”. I did not keep my cool.

The sails of Sydney Opera House – Genna’s favourite venue.

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