Publisher, manager + so much more: Get to know Sabi Robertson

A true music industry multi tasker, Sabrina Robertson runs Melbourne music blog Mismatch and manages acts such as Mount DefianceSleepy Dreamers and Alexander Biggs – all while working full time as a creative assistant at Native Tongue Music Publishing.  Growing up in WA, it was in her teenage years that Sabi realised she wanted to work in music. 

“I first got an interest in music from the age of 15 and then actively tried to find ways of getting behind the scenes. I had my own blog, then moved to Melbourne at the age of 19 and started working with a band. I got into management, fell into publicity and my job at Native Tongue came from an internship.”

Sabi knew what she wanted to do and how she wanted to learn. So she set to work on getting practical, hands on experience.

Not to discredit any course out there, but I think from a young age I realised that I learnt best when thrown into the deep end. I finished year 12 and did a TAFE course in Perth which was Event Management. It was really eye opening for me to have my lecturers ask me for advice when I was one of the students. After that I kind of realised that I didn’t want to be in a classroom when I was getting a lot more out of actually going and actively doing stuff myself. That’s how I got to where I am today. 

In this episode, Sabi Robertson talks through the ins and outs of publishing and how persistence is key in the music industry. Listen to the full chat here.

Alexander Biggs – one of the artists Sabi manages.

A Playlist Curated By Sabi:

Josh Pyke – Silver

This is my favourite Josh Pyke song. I think it holds a lot of great memories. He’s amazing live and it’s been really, really special hearing the song dedicated to me a handful of times. 

Skipping Girl Vinegar – One Chance

I’ve known Skipping Girl Vinegar since I was about 17. They’ve played a vital role in supporting my music career. I moved to Melbourne in 2010, so a year after I first met them. It was so incredible to have such an inspiring band continue to support and encourage what I was doing in the industry. 

Sleepy Dreamers – Winter Make Way

I was blown away by their live performance, so I gave them the pitch after their show. I went up to them and asked if they had a manager, did they want a manager? They looked at me like, what does a manager even do? I gave them my business card and then we caught up a couple of weeks later and the rest is history.

Mount Defiance – Football Is A Contact Sport

Ed from Sleepy Dreamers started doing some solo stuff, and it eventually led into a band. I love that it’s a completely different genre and style to Sleepy dreamers, who are more your indie folk kind of style. It’s been really interesting seeing Ed’s musical endeavours grow. I think there’s some very exciting things coming up for Mount Defiance in the future.

Alexander Biggs – Tidal Wave

It was really interesting watching Alex work on this one. He recorded it himself and it took a little while to get there, but I think the result is something pretty incredible. I get a kick out of being a manager when the music starts connecting with other people. 

Kid Sam – Down To The Cemetery 

In my opinion, Kid Sam is one very, very underrated Melbourne band. I chose this track because, I think the album was released in 2009? And I absolutely fell in love with it. It was pretty cool to think that 2 years later in 2011 I was working for their publishing company.

Sabi is a long time fan and friend of Josh Pyke.

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