Young women owning their industry: Holly Pereira and Angela Christian-Wilkes

Young women are reclaiming their space in the music scene. They’re empowered, and opening up the dialogue of diversity in our industry. This is the reason it’s so important to recognise and celebrate that. Joining this conversation were Holly Pereira, music writer and assistant venue booker at Howler, as well as Angela Christian-Wilkes, a music writer and former senior producer at Casual Band Blogger. We talked reclaiming the ‘fangirl’ and consciously supporting women in music.

This episode was originally recorded just hours after the 2016 LISTEN Conference, which Holly and Angela were in attendance at. If you’d like to know more about LISTEN, you can visit their website.

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United in our fight against the patriarchy.

A Playlist Curated By Holly:

Jen Cloher – Strong Woman

If you need a song to make you feel like a powerful, unstoppable woman, this is it. Jen’s candidness has always impressed me but the lyrics on her new album are like reading diary entires – it’s both inspiring and intimidating! I love the passion in her delivery of the last lines of this song, ‘kia kaha’ is Māori for “be strong.” I remind myself of this daily.

RVG – That’s All

Pretty much one of the few songs I can’t listen to without crying. It’s such a great example of songwriter Romy Vager’s evocative lyricism. I love the journey this song takes me on, and the release towards the end. I don’t think a song could be any more perfect.

Wet Lips – Hysteria

This song is like a giant ‘fuck you’ to every man who’s felt entitled to give you an opinion you never asked for. My favourite line is “I’m a sponge, dry sponge, fill me up, I’ll suck you up”. It’s classic Wet Lips sarcasm at its finest. Grace Kindellan’s vocals are killer on this one, and the guitars are electrifying – adding a real hardiness to the song.

Cable Ties – Cut Me Down

This song makes me feel ready to take anything and anyone on. So many people will try and take you down for being passionate and unrelenting about something but it’s important to send them a message like this. “I’m not crazy, I’m just not backing down” pretty much sums that up. Jenny McKechnie’s vocals remind me so much of Corin Tucker from Sleater-Kinney and that is a very good thing.

The Go-Betweens – People Say

The Go-Betweens are such a timeless, flawless band and this song is my favourite of theirs because it got me through my final year of uni when I was a bundle of anxiety and nerves. The song has nothing to do with conquering those feelings (I don’t think, you’d have to ask Robert Forster!) but it was comforting to me because it felt like it was articulating something that I needed to hear.

Terrible Truths – See Straight

Terrible Truths are renowned for punchy songs that are usually under 2 and half minutes. I love seeing them live, I’ve seen them quite a few times and  just love them because they really deliver. Their songs have so much energy. Seeing them play live is really invigorating – they’re a band I’m always up the very front for.

A Playlist Curated By Angela:

The Jezebels – City Girl

I have a LOT of emotions tied to this song. I used to listen to it before I moved to Melbourne and it’s all like… “you’ll be a city girl soon.” There was this moment when I saw them perform this at The Croxton, where I was just sobbing. Hayley Mary has been an feminist idol of mine since I was 14.

Mallrat – Tokyo Drift

I’ve just been digging Mallrat so much recently. I really love this song because it’s got a bittersweet feeling to it and it reminds me of friends I’ve left behind in Canberra.

Hayley Kiyoko – Feelings

Something about Hayleys, huh. ‘Feelings’ is a bit grubbier and groovier sonically than a lot of her stuff, but just as gay. Watch this space because she’s going to destroy the world of pop real soon.

Alexander Biggs – Figure It Out

I love me some Alex Biggs and this song is just… nice and warm? It makes me feel like everything is going to be okay. On a more personal note, watching Biggs grow and kick goals gives me a lot of faith in the music community. An amazing folk supported by amazing folk.

K. Flay – It’s Just A Lot

I could list of reams of songs that have helped me get through this year, yet this one sums up the vibes from all of them. K. Flay captures the restlessness and panic and fear that comes with all the life and death and growth and falling that hits you when you stop being sheltered. I love this a lot.

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